OTW's regular Saturday 2pm shows return on September 9th as we start gearing up to the 17th anniversary on September 30th!!!

September 11, 2012

Team No Limits

Team No Limits
("Full Throttle" Chris Bohren & "Wild Thing" John Graber)

BIO: Sometimes the bitterest enemies make the best of friends. This is the case with these two young, standout stars of OTW. Chris and John originally competed in some of the most jaw dropping matches the OTW Fan Nation has ever seen. Now paired together they are flying together all over the OTW Tag Team division. Their ability to be quicker than every opponent they face, matched with a never quit attitude this tag team truly has left opponents baffled but the crowd delighted. Most teams say that together they can beat anyone and the sky is the limit but for this particular tag team, there may actually be No Limits.

Combined Weight: 385lbs

  • 2-time OTW Tag Team Champions