This weekend is SPRING BASH! The main event for the 2pm show will be Jimmy Lloyd and Steve Sanders defending the OTW Tag Team Championship against The Great Mercenaries. At 7pm, Bazooka Joe will defend the OTW Heavyweight Championship against Brian Johnson in a 2-out-of-3-falls match!

Old Time Wrestling Roster

Old Time Wrestling is about showcasing the best of the old school, classic style pro wrestling. So who exactly are the people responsible for the nonstop action? At OTW, we have a roster of regulars that call the ring home. Many of our former wrestlers have gone on to become stars, and there's no surprise in why. Our wrestlers bring their superb talents and their unique personalities to every event we have to provide our fans with a lot of fun and entertainment. Here is a list of our current roster members:


OTW Heavyweight Champion - Bazooka Joe

OTW Classic Champion - Dave Davis

OTW Tag Team Champions - Jimmy Lloyd and Steve Sanders



*We also like to bring in other wrestlers from around the area to face our regular roster members. You never know who is going to show up to an OTW live event - so make sure you're there to see all the action take place!

If you'd like to step through the ropes and become a member of our roster, sign up for training at the OTW Pro Wrestling School and contact us today.