This Saturday (October 25th) is the 14th anniversary of OTW! This is a special double-header event with our 2pm show and our 7pm show (with the main event of Brian Johnson defending the OTW Heavyweight Championship against Adam Chandler the Great)!

Pro Wrestling School New Jersey / Philadelphia

The OTW Pro Wrestling Club is located in Williamstown, New Jersey and has been training professional wrestlers for over a decade. When becoming a member, you will see that we'll take your career as seriously as you do. We go that extra mile in the hopes that you'll achieve your dream of one day traveling the world as a TNA or WWE Superstar.

OTW does not consider backyard wrestling or training by any non-reputable sources as experience.

All prospective students' skill level will be assessed by OTW and placed into one of the following programs:


This program is for people that have had no experience whatsoever and would be considered a newcomer to the wrestling business. The program will consist of basic in-ring skills, basic mic skills, how to act and look like a professional wrestler (ie, locker room etiquette, hygiene, dress, proper ring gear, etc). Completion of this course will give you the knowledge of how to put on a basic professional wrestling match and allow you to start wrestling on OTW shows.


This program is for those that have had some experience in the pro wrestling business and have been trained by a reputable trainer. This would mean already having wrestled on some live shows and are looking to polish their skills and compete in OTW on a regular basis.

Anyone looking to wrestle for OTW full-time will be assessed by OTW staff and may not need any training. You don't need to have been trained by OTW to wrestle for OTW.


OTW also offers training for referees, managers, valets, and other roles in the professional wrestling business.


If you are not completely satisfied with the program at any time, for any legitimate reason, you will be refunded any monies paid thus far.

Pro Wrestling Training NJ Philadelphia