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August 11, 2012

Ian Stoffel

Ian "Boomer" Stoffel

BIO: Ian Stoffel is the son of Ray and Patricia Stoffel, the younger brother of Evan Stoffel, and lives in South Philadelphia. He has been the voice of Old Time Wrestling for the past three years. Known affectionately as BOOMER, he started with OTW when he was only 8 years old and now at the ripe old age of 12 is one of the best voices in the wrestling business. If the name doesn't say it all, just check him out in person, on YouTube, or on DVD and you'll see why people are saying this kid has a million dollar voice. On top of his talent, Boomer is a true professional as well. He is never late, wears the finest of suits, has only missed three shows in three years (with good reason), is well-mannered, spoken, and behaved. He is well liked by all of the wrestlers and loved by his many fans. He also wishes to become the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies and has the talent to do it if WWE doesn't snatch him up first. OTW hopes that Boomer will continue to be the voice of OTW for a long time to come, but would lend him to the Phillies if duty called for the right price. Let's hope this little man with the big voice that owns the quote "GET LOUD" continues to use his gift to entertain the masses for years to come.