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September 11, 2012

Team Doomsday

Team Doomsday
("The Demolition Man" Bill Demo, "The Smasher" Mike Orlando, & "The Wrecking Ball" Nick Comoroto)

BIO: If you are looking for the complete package in professional wrestling, look no further then Doomsday. This team is by far the strongest and most physical team ever assembled. Add in they all play college football and have outstanding amateur wrestling backgrounds it is seemingly impossible to find a weakness. Outside of physical attributes this walks around with a chip on their shoulder bigger than some mountains. They feel, and maybe rightfully so, that they deserve to be treated at a higher level than all other competitors in OTW and until they get the "respect" they think they truly deserve they plan on wrecking anyone or anything in their way. If this powerful threesome can one day get rolling on all cylinders, watch out because there isn't a force out there that could stop them.

Combined Weight: 815 lbs