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September 11, 2012

Team Shazaam

Team Shazaam
("The Thriller" Andd Bivians & Dan the Man Jones)

BIO: The most fun tag team in OTW just may be the most dynamic. They have the ability to mix it up in any way you can imagine with all of the teams in OTW. They can do it all whether it is a technical wrestling master piece or mix it up outside the ring for a good ole fashion brawl. Dan is the veteran leader and has helped bring out an aggression in Andy that now can almost not be match. Andy took his fun loving style and opened Dan up to the OTW Fan Nation. Together not only do these two dance and entertain the OTW Fan Nation they bring the fight to their opponents from bell to bell. This team has been together a long time now and shows no signs of slowing down. So hop aboard their one way train to the top or be left in the dust. SHAZAAM!!

Combined Weight: 395lbs

  • 3-time OTW Tag Team Champions