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May 20, 2013

Sole Survivor 2013 Results - History is Made

In front of a sold out crowd larger than any OTW has ever had, history was made at Sole Survivor 2013. It was a card packed with one great match after another and the show left the OTW Fan Nation on its feet. The 2013 Sole Survivor will be a show that will go down in history as quite possibly the best OTW show ever.

Craig Nash and Brian Johnson's Career v Career match was nothing short of spectacular. They left everything on the line as these one-time best friends fought to put the other into retirement. In the end, Brian and his "Army of One" prevailed over OTW's resident giant. This match on its own was already memorable, but what happened after made it even sweeter. Doomsday attacked Brian Johnson after the match for reasons that are still unknown. To their surprise and the crowd's delight, Craig Nash came back to save his best friend. In the end, Brian and Craig put their differences aside and sent off Craig Nash like a hero. OTW management and especially the OTW Fan Nation want to send out a thank you for the six years that Craig has devoted to them. "Who's better than Nash?" Possibly no one.

The tag team title scene has really been growing in OTW in this past season and it sure went out with a bang. Team No Limits defended their titles against Mean Streak in what could have been the best tag team match in the entire country. When No Limits seemed to be closing in on victory, Justin Pusser brought a ladder into play and destroyed the tag team champs. After Mean Streak did a number to Team No Limits, they laid a challenge out for a rematch: August 3rd at 7 p.m. – Team No Limits v Mean Streak – Tag Team Title … LADDER MATCH!!!! If this match can even live up to half the action they delivered on May 18th, no fan should miss this.

Last but most important, Mik Drake had the night of his life. He came into Sole Survivor both an odds on favorite but also a target. He was the reigning 2012 Sole Survivor winner, so all combatants were looking to eliminate him and ultimately make a name for them. Mik Drake was a man on a mission and would not be stopped. He not only won the tournament – which was no easy task going through Justin Pusser, Adam Chandler, Anthony Cortez Haynes & Billy Demo – but he faced off against his rival B.J. Hard Candy for the Heavyweight Championship. The 2012/2013 OTW season has truly been dominated by B.J. Hard Candy. He had a few missteps here and there, but at large no one has seemed to be able to beat him…except MIK DRAKE!!!! Hard Candy and Drake have had 3 stellar main events prior to this and were set to deliver a 4th. Boy did they ever! The OTW Fan Nation has been hoping and praying for someone to end the reign of B.J. Hard Candy and they finally got their wish. After B.J. Hard Candy withstood not one but TWO super kicks, B.J. Hard Candy was finally defeated, crowning a NEW OTW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – MIK DRAKE!

OTW is now off on its short but needed summer break. Its wrestlers have been fighting tooth and nail every Saturday since Labor Day 2012 and are set to get back at it on August 3rd. With a new champion in Mik Drake, the tag titles up in the air and no more Craig Nash, there are a ton of questions to be answered in OTW.

August 3rd, 2013 at 7 p.m. … those answers begin to be answered.

See you all at the matches!!!!!!