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Pro Wrestling School New Jersey / Philadelphia

** NOTE: The OTW training academy is currently on hiatus **

The OTW Pro Wrestling Club is located in Williamstown, New Jersey and has been training professional wrestlers for over a decade. When becoming a member, you will see that we'll take your career as seriously as you do. We go that extra mile in the hopes that you'll achieve your dream of one day traveling the world as a TNA or WWE Superstar.

OTW does not consider backyard wrestling or training by any non-reputable sources as experience.

All prospective students' skill level will be assessed by OTW and placed into one of the following programs:


This program is for people that have had no experience whatsoever and would be considered a newcomer to the wrestling business. The program will consist of basic in-ring skills, basic mic skills, how to act and look like a professional wrestler (ie, locker room etiquette, hygiene, dress, proper ring gear, etc). Completion of this course will give you the knowledge of how to put on a basic professional wrestling match and allow you to start wrestling on OTW shows.


This program is for those that have had some experience in the pro wrestling business and have been trained by a reputable trainer. This would mean already having wrestled on some live shows and are looking to polish their skills and compete in OTW on a regular basis.

Anyone looking to wrestle for OTW full-time will be assessed by OTW staff and may not need any training. You don't need to have been trained by OTW to wrestle for OTW.


OTW also offers training for referees, managers, valets, and other roles in the professional wrestling business.


If you are not completely satisfied with the program at any time, for any legitimate reason, you will be refunded any monies paid thus far.

The OTW Pro Wrestling Academy has been owned and operated by former ECW referee Jim Molineaux since 2001. Jim was with ECW from the day the promotion opened, through its meteoric rise and all the way to the end with its eventual closing. Jim also worked with World Wrestling Entertainment's ECW brand, including pay-per-views such as One Night Stand.

In those years, he dealt with all of the top names and became a real student of the game. Now in his 13th year of running OTW, Jim has helped many young wrestlers achieve success in professional wrestling including WWE's Sheamus as well as hundreds of others reach their goal of becoming great pro wrestlers. Jim loves passing on his vast knowledge of the wrestling business to anyone who is looking to learn.

Number 1 Brian Johnson Professional WrestlerOur head trainer is Brian Johnson, a six-year working pro that is known for his excellent presentation both in and out of the ring with his great mic skills and ring work. Brian is a hands-on trainer in the ring from start to finish every session. His hard work and dedication for the past four years have been instrumental in crafting OTW's roster of the next great stars in wrestling.

OTW offers students the most affordable prices and the best value possible because honesty is the best policy and we truly want everyone to succeed. We know that many other places overcharge thousands of dollars and several years for trainees to reach the same level we can give them in a fraction of the time (and money). Once you sign up, you will be given the full OTW training experience and with five shows a month, the action never stops!

5 Reasons to Join OTW Pro Wrestling Academy Right Now

1. Knowledgeable and Honest Staff

2. Top of the Line Facilities

3. Five Wrestling Shows Per Month for Experience

4. The Best Prices in the Country

5. A Proven Track Record of Success

So if you'd like to take the first step toward becoming a professional wrestler, contact us today by emailing or calling 1-856-513-6901